The Not Average Wrist Band

Short thesis

On RFID chips and other Big Data options onsite at Festivals.
One of the three "Sounds like Big Data" panels presented by the Reeperbahn Festival Conference discussing Big Data and the Music Business.


The use of RFID chips in wristbands at festivals is already a regular pratice at most music festivals in the world. In Germany though the technology has so far not been introduced on a wide level at festivals.

The panel will talk about the convencience and safety aspects of cashless payment and crowd management and why festivalgoers still might want to opt out of using it. Fruzsina Szep (Director of Festival Coordination and Public Affairs, Hörstmann Gruppe / Melt! Booking) will talk about her experiences with RFID at Hungary's Sziget festival and the plans for this year's German Lollopalooza and Berlin Festival. David de Wever (CEO, Playpass) will illustrate the technology aspects and we will look into the reservations against it.   

Host: Sandra Passaro (Founder & MD, Stars & Heroes int.; Curator & Consultant, Hyper Culture; Projectmanager, Norient; Advisory Board Member, IASPM D-A-CH (International Association for the Studies of Popular Music))