16:00 - 16:30
The Nuts and Bolts of Nodes and Edges

Short thesis

Just like eyes are a window to our human soul, network visualizations are a window to the soul of an organization.


Graphs, made up of nodes and edges, are the underlying operating system of our coordination. They are the common thread in new social technologies, ranging from the World Wide Web to Google, Facebook, and most probably the next breakthrough.

Modern methods of computational social science, for instance network analysis, can help us to uncover and understand complex dynamics in networks. In this talk, you will see how product complexity explains inequality among countries, how e-mail communication patterns can predict a startup’s success, how emotions on Twitter reflect Bitcoin trading activities, how soccer teams differentiate in their passing patterns and how analyzing crowdfunding data can help to understand the innovative capacity of cities. As an entertaining finish, Moviegalaxies will be presented, a website that visualizes the hidden beauty of social networks within your favorite movies.