16:45 - 17:15
OK!THESS meetup

Short thesis

Get to know OK!Thess and learn more about what we do.


Dear doers, makers, and shakers; Welcome to the first ever OK!Thess meetup. Backed by 10 local organizations, including the City of Thessaloniki and 3 major educational institutions, OK!Thess, the innovation ecosystem of Thessaloniki tries to build an environment where innovation is transformed into value. How? By simply empowering the local young digital breed to create viable business models based on their, innovative, ideas. 


Dimitri Ntempos - "OK!Thess - Intro"
Theodore Keloglou - "OK!Thess website: a pre-incubator's needs for the web"
Anastasia Solari - "SheSharp, the Arduino day and beyond"
Christian Sino - "Octappush: Solving the app discovery problem, the social way"