10:00 - 11:00
Pull Request: Restructuring the Global Power Paradigm through Open Source

Short thesis

The key knowledge needed to reach the Sustainable Development Goals is locked in proprietary systems. Governments and civil society around the world need to push for a shift to Open Source systems and technologies if we want to overcome the global division of rich and poor, of south and north and those who have power, and those who don’t.


How do we need to change our systems in order to eradicate poverty and enable the world’s population to meet basic demands of all people? What do governments and development organizations need to change in order to create real change and impact?

Two speakers will present their views before engaging in a fire-side chat on open access to for information and technology for development.

Nnenna Nwakanma is the voice behind the chant “All the Internet, all the people, all the time”. She is one of the key advocates for open data, open government and the open Web across Africa, for instance by driving forward the Africa Open Data movement and the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms. She represents the Web Foundation in the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

Manuela Yamanda is one of Brazils young change makers advocating a systemic change in politics and business toward a sustainable, open society. She is doing so by heading the Ouishare Brazil Chapter and by running MateriaBrasil, a free open source platform that works as a library for social-environmentally responsible materials, products and services available in Brazil.

Together they will present and discuss their change agenda for governments, development organizations and civil society on how to restructure the Global Power Paradigm through Open Source. Concrete suggestions for the apation and implementation of digital development principles will be made.