16:45 - 17:15
Purpose of Entry

Short thesis

An Internet of borders. An Internet created and devised by The Black Operatives Collective, a covert marketing organisation that boasts clients such as the CIA, NASA, GCHQ, MOSAD, BND and the NSA, as well as host of national government organisations and the European Union.

On the eve of launching this new Internet with borders, Marcus John Henry Brown showcases the interrogation and security skills of RACHEL, the algorithm responsible for processing visas and monitoring the borders. He will be testing RACHEL by attempting to gain Illegal access to the United Internet of Great Britain.


May 2018. A post election Europe is coming to terms with the political shift towards the right, the end of the Euro and the gradual closing of sovereign digital borders. Europe is coming to terms with the warmth and comfort of a dystopian dream. There’s safety and comfort in the knowledge that each country now has their own Internet  - an Internet with strictly controlled borders. It’s an Internet where passports are issued. It’s an Internet with border crossings that are owned by each national government but outsourced to, and run by commercial enterprises. It’s an internet with national currencies. Applications must be made in order to cross the borders of the Internet of a foreign country. Applications and border crossings are processed by an algorithm called RACHEL. 

Building on his 2014 re:publica talk "The Snowden Pitch", Marcus will be outlining his usual dystopian vision of a near future to come.