12:30 - 13:00
Radical change in how we connect to the environment

Short thesis

To connect with the environment we need to connect with how it feels. I'll be talking about my work on the marine environment and food, using knowledge from science, art, culture, instinct and history to create happenings and instances that break out the border of "me" and "my environment" to create an empathic response linking what we traditionally consider to be inside and outside. I'll also be discussing how I'm open sourcing my artistic research methods to increase the reach of this approach.


How do we connect with the environment? This is an exploration in breaking down the boundries between inside and outside "myself". We are more permeable than we think.

During this talk, artist Kat Austen will discuss how drawing together knowledge from multiple sources - DIY science, phenomenology, instinct, culture - can help to provide a bridge between ourselves and the outside world. She will illustrate the methodology with examples from two projects. With the Coral Empathy Device, she'll discuss how this approach can be applied to the marine environment by fostering empathy with coral. And with her second project, Vital | Flows, she'll discuss how this methodology can be applied to working with communities to explore food and its meaning. 

With Vital | Flows, Kat is creating an open source artistic research methodology for exploring environmental topics, creating a platform for rhyzomic  growth of self-actualised research that brings together and brings the best out of online and offline knowledge sharing.