12:30 - 13:30
Real-time healthcare: build your own microfluidic biochip

Short thesis

Microfluidics is the physics behind moving fluids in small amounts. The applications of microfluidics are in sciences where 'little is plenty", such as biology, chemistry, medicine. Microfludics can save costs by reducing the fluidic amounts, and also time, as those tiny fluids have a flow of their own and can move around by themselves. We have developed portable microfluidic chips for measuring the quality of your environment: water, soil, and even of your health: semen, hormonal level.

At this workshop, you will build such a chip yourself.


Every participants will build their own microfluidic chip to take home. We plan a two-hour workshop. The first hour is a crash course on microfluidics, while the second hour involves hands-on involvement from the participants. We encourage creativity and each participant is welcome to develop their own application on the chip they built. 


This session is part of the re:health track, which is powered by BARMER.

The number of participants for the workshop is limited to 15. There is a sign up sheet available at the Makerspace - first come first serve.