18:30 - 19:30
Recipes for Digital Revolutionaries: Flavours from the South

Short thesis

Is there a secret recipe for protecting and enhancing the Open Web?


We’ve already seen people power win countless battles for free speech and digital rights. If we can get those victories to multiply across borders – and from one activist kitchen to another – we believe there’s reason to be optimistic. However, our activism diet is becoming monotonous. It is almost always a petition, a banner in front of parliament or a #predictable social media campaign. We need to get better at acting quickly, creatively and with the right allies. And we need to open our minds towards groundbreaking campaigns from countries we’re not familiar with.

This interactive session will showcase original recipes for effective Internet activism from Latin America and Africa. You’ll learn how snails have led to better access in Bolivia, and how to create a sensual internet security mousse, to give just two examples. Each participant will receive their own activism cookbook, which contains nine recipes you can try at home (perhaps with local ingredients?). And, if you're inspired, we’ll invite you to become part of our kitchen collective, which is preparing two more cookbooks collaboratively for our web-loving friends around the world.

This session is organised by Web We Want, with participation of its members. Tastiness guaranteed.

Example of previous experiences: https://webwewant.org/news/cookbook-revolutionaries-from-100-years-ago-and-now/