re:publica Instawalk 2016 #rpTENwalk

Short thesis

10 stops, 10 stories, 10 smiles – For the re:publica anniversary, you are invited to join the #rpTENwalk and find out what makes your fellow conference attendees smile. Never joined an Instawalk before? Well then it's about time.


Aside from checking out some behind the scenes spots and meeting with very inspiring people, you will also learn some basics of mobile photo editing and what the IGers community really does. As part of the walk, we will make 10 attendees smile by asking them some questions about their life. 

What makes you smile? After asking 24 people in 2014 about their life and what really makes them smile (learn more about it here www.shareursmiles.com) as a personal non-profit project, passionate Instagramer Lisa Branstötter, is now continuing the quest for collecting smiles.

Have you made someone smile today?