15:30 - 16:00
Robots in Human Society

Short thesis

In the beginning was the word (Uri Aviv) & Designing the Robotic User Experience (Guy Hoffman)


In the beginning was the word / Uri Aviv

The word robot was first coined less than a century ago in Karel Čapek’s science fiction play, Rossum's Universal Robots. Čapek’s robots however were biological and humanoid, and we would not consider them robots today. Through reflections on the word itself, we’ll discuss the role science fiction plays in forming our perception of science, technology and the future.

Designing the Robotic User Experience / Guy Hoffman

Soon, robots are expected to enter our homes, offices, schools, and nursing homes, our hospitals, battlefields, construction sites, and repair shops. How do we go about designing the user experience for machines that have the most evocative (and ancient) communicative interface: a physical body, moving in space? Also, what can theater acting, Jazz improvisation, and animation teach us to achieve the best robotic user experience?

In collaboration with the Tel-Aviv Utopia Festival