Lightning Talk
Safer Nudes and Deep Nudes

Short thesis

Since the leaks of nudes and the numerous cases of revenge porn start to become everyday news, we've witnessed all kinds of narratives about it. The vast majority of them are paternalistic, patronizing pieces that ultimately state that sending nudes is irresponsible and unsafe. In this section, we would like to confront this view and propose another standpoint. Instead of freezing ourselves in fear, why not to learn what exactly is at stake when you share your nudes and your data?


In this section, we will try to confront the moralistic narratives about sending nudes and introduce the "Send Nudes!" project, a guide to digital security for sharing intimate images that does not base itself on slutshaming, but on a pro-sex attitude.

This projected aimed to call the attention to how learning to send nudes through the internet in a safer way can be a practice of self-determination for us as sexual bodies and internet users.More than protection, we need to spread knowledge about daily practices and actions that can work towards shifting perspectives about gender roles and digital rights.

This guide uses a fun approach to spread the word about digital security practices. We aimed specially at groups that can be more easily targetedfor digital harassment due to gender and sexuality, but also at the general public who rely on digital media for their communication, but who would not necessarily be tuned ith the specifics of digital security debate.

We wanted to show how digital security can mean fun, liberarion and freedom, without ignoring that inequalities (gender, race, social position, income) are all reflected in the digital world and that realities change depending who you are, what's your social position, your access to education etc. We want to bring together digital practices of autonomy and various aspects of the race and gender militancy, since a more autonomous digital life is a very important step to fighting inequalities, specially as our communications and militancies get more and more digital.

There will also be a ZINE FOLDING activity for those who appreaciate some manual work and an open conversation about DEEP NUDES, a follow up project that intends to further explores how we can benefit from privacy.