Setting up an Internet Health Clinic

Short thesis

Ever wonder if the Internet is in a healthy state? Wouldn’t you love to know if battles against censorship, surveillance, harassment and bad policy are succeeding in making the Internet healthier? Check in to the --Internet Health Clinic-- and help us examine what hurts (and what feels good) so we can prescribe solutions together for the future.


People talk about the Internet ecosystem, the digital world, and yes, cyberspace. While all of these terms have physical and tangible connotations, we rarely ask what it takes for this “place” to be welcoming, free and open - or simply, healthy. Building on Mozilla’s prototype for an Internet Health Report the Internet Health Clinic opens its doors on Monday, May 8 to an interactive installation with five examination tables, each specialised on one issue: decentralisation, digital inclusion, digital literacy, openness, and privacy & security. First-class Internet researchers will present preliminary lab results, and invite you, as fellow researchers, to contribute your questions and observations. This hands-on analysis will run a diagnostic test of your own feelings on Internet health as well as an informal survey about how to support a healthy Internet environment.

-- Doors open at the Labore:tory on Monday, May 8 --

Our Internet researchers will conduct visiting hours from 2pm to 5pm. The waiting area will be open throughout the day.
  • Your Internet researchers on the first shift, 2-3pm, are: Michelle Thorne, Cathleen Berger, Mishi Choudhary, Martín Restrepo and Gilberto Vieira.
  • On the second shift, 3-4pm, you'll be met by: Jon Rogers, Achol Jok Mach, Solana Larsen, Denise Karunungan and Esther Mueni Ngei.
  • The third shift, 4-5pm, will be staffed by: Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Renata Avila, Markos Lemma, Raegan MacDonald and Dalia Othman.