Sex, Unicorns and Awsomesauce

Short thesis

In the second decade of the 21st century it has become obvious, that we are beginning to see what a rich, colorful and rewarding sexual culture for human beings can look like. The internet, which has been rumored to be for porn, has shown that erotica and pornographic images, film and text are much more than what used to be available in a brown bag at a seedy shop. The myth that women don't like porn has been debunked by a larger variety of porn and pornographers.
A democratic, equal and healthy society has to help sex, erotica and porn out of the sometimes still seedy image they suffer under and give these parts of human nature their deserved portion of normality, cultivation and love.


Sex sells. But not only goods and services but ideas about sex. And the ideas about sex in mainstream media are often still traditional and conservatie. Slap on some naked female bodyness and the male audience will be transfixed. This simple formula might still work with a certain audience but it is becoming more and more old for a lot of people. They want more than just eternal cheesecake.

The holder's of the old-school grale of female eyecandy are faced with petitions and activism to ban pictures of scantly clad ladies in tabloids and bans on sexist ads. But is this really the best solution? Banning stuff usually makes things worse. Why not diversify instead? It would be much more fun to open up the idea of what symbolizes sex.

Just think of it: Would't it be much more rewarding to cultivtivate and enjoy sex and erotica equal with other human needs like food? Why should porn just be low culture trash and why can't a sex worker be as respected as a doctor? And why is sex stilly mystified as some weird black box? This has to change.