spree:publik Boat Tour to re:publica

Short thesis

Skip the U-Bahn and join the Panther Ray on a trip through Berlin's waters to learn about these unique public spaces from spree:publik. We offer a morning tour to the Station so you can experience Berlin on one of spree:publik's member rafts.
spree:publik aims to create access to Berlins water and riverside areas for everyone and helps to reach these seemingly unreachable places that usually are only commercially accessible.


Location: Details from spree:publik via registration, but to give you an idea: We will take you with us from Neukölln on the canal to reach Gleisdreieck before 10 am, just in time before the conference begins.

Limited spaces available. Advanced registration on Monday required. Find us in Networking area Blue on Monday, May 2, from 12 pm until 3 pm.

With the initiative spree:publik we want to create a common harbour and creative space for Berlin's culture rafts. The collective of these swimming plattforms offers free and public spaces for subcultural and political events. To learn more about the initiative come to the Lightning Talk 2 on Tuesday, May 3, 5.30 pm.