15:00 - 16:00
The Thessaloniki innovation ecosystem: Meet our Entrepreneurs!

Short thesis

A dynamic innovation ecosystem is under way in the Thessaloniki, as an emerging group of inspired, globally-focused and highly educated entrepreneurs offer unprecedented investment opportunities in software, energy, engineering, agrotech, digital health, security and they help the country on the path to recovery.


Welcome to Thessaloniki! It is a great city and an ideal place to research, live & innovate, to invest and pioneer. In this session you'll see examples of established successful enterprises and start ups from the local innovation ecosystem who present their stories and how they managed to survive and succeed at the global business world.  

Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination

TIFD is an initiative of the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone that promotes Thessaloniki to international investors as a destination where people and ideas merge to create growth and prosperity. Thessaloniki Innovation Zone is collaborating with the innovation ecosystem to unfold the capabilities of the city by helping the prospective investors to get to know and establish in the local business landscape. 

We'll present the stories of the following companies:


Athlenda is a web platform that connects the global sport's community, comprising social network features with video analysis and scouting tools. It facilitates tracking and promoting sports related talents, in a variety of sports roles. Athlenda's ultimate goal is to create the infrastructure that will consolidate the whole sport industry and will provide ground for any sport expertise to stand out. Its headquarters are in Thessaloniki.


Baresquare is based in Thessaloniki and applies machine intelligence to enterprise data analytics. Baresquare  develops tools that give people easy access to big data in natural language. Their solutions provide diagnostics, verbalization of insights and multi-stakeholder workflows. Baresquare is are making data worthwhile.

Chimar Hellas S.A.

CHIMAR is an innovative R&D SME based in Thessaloniki. It develops and provides innovative and competitive chemical technology, R&D and engineering services for the industrial production of adhesives and chemicals and for their application in the manufacture of composite panels, used in furniture and construction. CHIMAR counts an international experience of over 40 years in more than 40 countries. Its technology focuses on safe and environmentally friendly products and is protected via patent families and trade-secrets. Over 10% of the annual global wood panel production uses its technology and services.


Fieldscale is a Simulation Apps startup, founded in 2015. Simulation Apps are powerful productivity tools that accelerate the new product development process by enabling engineers to play multiple what-if scenarios in just a few clicks and get constant, highly accurate insights for every go/kill decision of their new products.