13:45 - 14:45
TX/RX (Transmit/Receive)

Short thesis

With live interventions as his basis, Julian will read signal domains - from WiFi to GSM and analog radio - as techno-political territories, opening up questions of ownership, mobility and control in a world where technical forms of activism and decentralised infrastructure are central to positive change. Projects made by him (and made with others) that relate to these tensions will also be introduced, presented within the frame of his practice as a Critical Engineer.


What can we, as civilians, do with radio? What can and can't we listen to, and why? What are our rights of broadcast? If the air we breathe is considered public, why not that which passes through it?

Doubling as both intervention and lecture, Julian will lead the audience through an unbridled, hands-on exploration of radio infrastructure on which we depend, from GSM to GPS and WiFi. In doing so, he will read signal domains as highly patrolled techno-political territories, opening up questions of ownership, surveillance and control with a view to activism and decentralised, publicly-owned infrastructure.