13:30 - 14:30
Upcycling@come_in Workshop

Short thesis

Is this garbage? No, it’s an [insert your awesome idea here]! This workshop will focus on repurposing things which one would consider as “garbage” with simple household tools. During the session we will build handbags, wallets and whatever you can imagine using a flatiron, scissors, baking paper, any kind of plastic foils and newspaper.


come_IN computer clubs bring together children of various backgrounds and are a space for them to work collaboratively on diverse projects. The focus lies on a playful, informal approach to encourage ICT usage, new media and digital literacy across cultural and age boundaries.  

“Learning by doing” is the foundation for cooperation in our intercultural come_IN computerclubs. The main tool of our club activities, which we work and play with, is the computer. In our clubs, children meet weekly, plan and realize projects on their own – sometimes adults join the club action in a collaborative way. The participants decide, how and what to do. The teachers participate just like the kids and only give instructions and assistance if necessary.

Projects that have been realized have wide-ranging themes, for example small self drawn and programmed animations in Scratch, audio plays and animated cartoons, interactive papercrafts and wearables, and also self-modelled and 3D printed figurines and buildings.

The computer clubs offer to experience computers and new media as a useful tool in everyday life to work and play with in a creative and reflected way. The concept also motivates through collaborative project work in intercultural neighborhoods a dialogue and exchange between people with different backgrounds.

For re:publica we’d like you to make the computer club experience with us. We will offer a short version of our upcycling workshop series which we conducted in Dortmund and in a refugee camp in Ramallah, West Bank. The aim is not only inclusion and social interaction through collaborative project work, but also to raise awareness for a global problem and the participants’ environment.

In the one-hour workshop we will repurpose old paper, plastic foils and whatever we are able to save from the trash can (Don’t worry– it will be “clean” stuff), to create useful creative objects, by utilizing regular household tools. We will guide you for example through creating  reusable bags (behold the bag of bags!) or wallets and more. You decide what to build and can take your creation home.The number of participants for the workshop is limited to 15. There is a sign up sheet available at the Makerspace - first come first serve.