Walk like a Man, talk like a Man...

Short thesis

Everybody talks about the depiction of women in computer games. But what is currently considered "masculine" in media, games and film? And what does that even mean? How are men supposed to act, look and be like? Are you man(ly) enough for this talk? Worry not my friend, we'll tell you how to be a real man.


It is not only women who get a constant stream of do's, don'ts and how to be's presented in media, films and games. It's men too.

This talk looks at the current status of masculinity in games, media and films. Which sexual, gender, body and beauty tropes are we confronted with nowadays? How are men portrayed? What are they supposed to be like, look like, act like? What the fuck happened to Justin Bieber's body, why did Hugh Jackman's Wolverine go from muscular to super spornosexual? And what the heck is spornosexual anyway and where can you buy it? What is the current trend in being a self-identified nerd and why can this old, out-of-shape guy in GTA run like Usain Bolt without ever getting tired?

And dude, honestly, what about you? How close or far are you from the proposed standard of being a manly male man of utter masculinity?

So many question that you didn't even know you had, right? We - three people who could not be further away from the current masculine standard - will answer them all for you. So bring your manly protein shake and let's go.