12:30 - 13:00
We must make every single object accessible for everyone

Short thesis

The world is full of Data, but still we do not manage to make essential Information accessible for everyone.
Our scope is to improve inclusive environments für All using Smartphones and sensors. We overcome information-barriers, improve informative and geographical orientation and give answers to FaQs connected with points of interest -PoI-. Herewith we rise an independent and autonomous participation in social and cultural live. Our aim is to make a city really smart for everyone, with or without a handicap.


What does accessibility mean, when we talk about the scope of building an inclusive environment for all?

Reaching a point of interest is just the first step, one can overcome in using a ramp. The most common barriers are retrieved in the lack of information, at a certain place, at a certain time. 

Overcoming such information barriers with modern sensory devices (QR, NFC, Beacon, GPS, Geofence etc.) in interaction with smartphones open up the possibility to fully participate autonomously and independently in social and cultural live for All.

We do not just make door signs or exhibits talk to You! We provide the right information (optimized for blind, deaf, cognitive or mobility handicapped person), at the right time and right space; and even more, we guide You save and sound to Your chosen destination.