18:00 - 18:30
Weapons in Space?

Short thesis

Nuclear Weapons, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence, Space Travel, Feminist Utopias – Science Fiction has (almost) written it all & offered solutions for the big questions of humanity. This talk examines the reaction in Science Fiction novels to Ronald Reagans vision for a Militarization and Weaponization of space & the plan to install a shield against the nuclear thread.


When Ronald Reagan launched the "Star Wars"-Program in 1983, Science Fiction seemed to become part of the reality. At least as far as politics were concerned, because the technology has not been evolved that far yet. Still it implicated political and military consequences on an international level and eventually became a thread for the balance of the Cold War. How to handle these new born threads and what to do about the concept of Weapons in Space, has broadly been subject to Science Fiction novels.

This talk is based on my Master Thesis and offers an historic approach on the Militarization of Space and the reception in Science Fiction literature.