13:45 - 14:15
Statement Talk
Welcome culture 2.0: fighting anti-collaborative behaviours

Short thesis

In 2015, hundreds of online and offline projects were born as an answer to the refugee crisis. Too many of them worked on the refugee crisis instead of working with refugees on their crises. The most successful projects, like wefugees, have worked not only with refugees themselves, but also with other projects fostering collaboration.
We now start to draw conclusions on what this network looks like, whether it functions and why it is an experience worth being replicated abroad.


Having collaborated as wefugees.de with the "Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge" (BAMF) and other projects for the creation of a centralized “welcome platform” for newcomers, this session will focus on experiences and strategies for the management of networks, information and resources in civic tech projects designed for newcomers.

It has been seen as undeniable the high need for more detailed, structured and reliable information. Therefore, there must be a discussion over the development of a peer-to-peer community working across online and offline projects. Accordingly, this conference is going to aim to define a framework for mature, consistent and shareable “welcome culture” and expertise.

Given an overview of the development, the focus will shift on where struggle is still to be observed in between these projects and where we could act, as communities, to promote more efficient collaboration and transfer of needed information.