#withorwithoutuK election party

Short thesis

David Cameron has been campaigning on Europe. On getting out of it, on reforming it and above all on ensuring he keeps up to date with all of our activities on WhatsApp. UKIP for its part is promising to bring back an idyllic Britain of yesteryore free of non-Britons. EUscepticism is having its best days, the strongest supporters of EU membership are mainly found in the ranks of radical free-market liberals. So what are we to make of one of Europe’s founders? Are they trying to break up with us, or just playing hard to get?

By the way: This event requires no re:publica ticket!


Against the background of today's historic election, we pick up on whats at stake for Europe. Guess the most outrageous statements made by British politicians on surveillance, data security and the digital agenda through an interactive quiz. We then heat up tempers with the best of British stand up artists in Berlin before the first results come in from the exit polls at 11pm.


8pm: Doors open
9pm: Pub quiz : The most outrageous statements on surveillance and other issues in election times
10pm: Best of British Stand up Comedy in Berlin
11pm: First results (exit polls) and live commentary

Hosts: Daphne Büllesbach (European Alternatives) / Andreas Bock (eurotopics)
Moderator: Jon Worth (jonworth.eu)