17:00 - 17:45
You think, Germany is a technology country? HA! (Lament for a nation)


Many people still think, Germany is one of the leading tech nations in the world. This image is mainly created by car companies and classical engineering stuff – and by Berlin startup hipsters.

The bitter and sad truth is: Germany hates technology and is a digital diaspora. The amount of absurdness in politics and in business is hard to imagine, if you're living in Deutschland. 

In this session you will laugh and we Germans will cry about the sad state of Germany in the digital age. We will tell you the story of words you only need to hear, to know there's something bad happing: Leistungsschutzrecht, for example, Stoererhaftung or Datenschutzbeauftrager. 

Come join in this lament for a once proud nation of engineers and founders. Dress Code: black with sparkles of red and gold.

Christiane Link is a German freelance journalist living in London and blogging about inclusion and media. Thomas Knuewer is a former journalist now running the digital consultancy kpunktnull. He blogs about media and marketing.