Submit a session

Short and sweet - here you will find the relevant forms to submit sessions in the three festival sections Conference,
Hands On and Off Stage. Let's go! Good luck with your submission!


republica Stage 2022 Medienmachende als Marke –– Eva Schulz, Tilo Jung, Iris Gavric , Richard Gutjahr.

The re:publica conference programme includes everything that is happening on our stages. Panel discussions, talks, interviews, fireside chats, readings, lecture performances and much more! 

Hands On

Teilnehmer*innen am Makerspace auf der #rp22.

(Hardware) workshop, free handcraft, tinkering, gardining with robots, live biohacking or TikTok dance tutorial: All sessions that engage our visitors to participate and learn have their rightful place in our hands on programme.

Off Stage

Besucher*innen im Media Parcours im Arena Club auf der #rp22.

Flashmob, installation, exhibition, concert, pop up happening, virtual or augmented reality-application, water ballet or what ever is on your mind to fill the festival grounds and to be part of our off stage programme can be submitted here.