Photo credit: Nickolai Kashirin — Headphones (CC BY 2.0)

Music and the digital sphere are closely interconnected. That was reason for our own theme track dedicated to this. After our successful music tracks in the last three years, we are also curating a focus on music & sovereignty at # rp18. But our Music topic isn’t just about a national and international exchange, the promotion of new formats or the continued development of the scene at the intersection of sound and technology. The second part, Sovereignty, more specifically the sovereignty of the individual, means the liberty to decide one's own thoughts and actions.

Yet, what we can and can’t do with music is never entirely up to us – it’s both limited and enabled by new technologies and media. Big data, open source operating systems, remix culture, hacked hardware and digital distribution are just a few of the many and varied aspects that we want to focus on together with you. The music track will discuss, perform and make visible, the freedoms and constraints of these the new sovereignties within our contemporary music worlds.