Information, knowledge, opinion and how we gain access to them is fundamental in our data age and media such as blogs, vlogs, and podcasts play a special role. These forms of media enjoy different access and reach than traditional “big” outlets and, through their diversity, reflect the multiplicity of our society. Presenting aspects of relatable, day-to-day life or opinions on specific topics can be highly polished and professional or intentionally “DIY”. Community participation is always a significant factor.

This track is dedicated to all of these excellent blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and similar mediums. We will examine questions on how content, news, and analysis are transmitted to users and which technologies can be overlapped in order to create new stimuli for technical developments. We will look at the unique forms of storytelling produced by these platforms and examine legal pitfalls.

The re:blog track will feature political topics and themes as well. Several blogs and vlogs provide insights into upheavals in far corners of the world. While they can jeopardise the health and freedom of their authors, they expose inequalities in order to promote education within counter-movements and increase the chance for direct influence.

Last, but far from least, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs are fun! The huge amounts of specific knowledge available at our finger tips is only possible through the full engagement of either creators. Some have even reached cult status and are revered online. In this track, we want to make room for the countless incarnations of independent publication and broadcast!

Photo Credit: Dennis Knake/QSC AG (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)