Networking the digital society and creating spaces for the exchange of ideas has always been the aim of the re:publica. It has remained an international endeavour throughout the past eleven years and we’re excited to once again invite you to join us in 2017! The effects of digitalisation on the economy, politics and daily life have long been European. With re:connecting EUROPE, we want to promote the development of a Europe-wide network of creative industries. We look forward to new perspectives on our networked world! So join in the conversation: in Berlin, Dublin or Thessaloniki! More about our digital field trip in September you can finde here!

To kick the whole thing off, we had the re:connecting EUROPE Space at this years’ re:publica in Berlin, from 8 to 10 May 2017! Thanks to support from the German Federal Foreign Office, we look forward to welcoming participants and stakeholders from the creative industries of the port cities of Dublin and Thessaloniki to the #rp17. Together with you, they will be discussing the common challenges and solutions facing activists, founders and artists in Europe. Just a small taste of the exciting people and projects awaiting you in Ireland and Greece!

Projects from both Ireland and Greece will be presented at the re:connecting EUROPE Space, where you’ll be able to get to know each other, network and exchange ideas. In addition, we dare to look beyond Europe and want to think together with you, what could actually mean a re: publica in the Arabian or African area. Of course, we’re also especially looking forward to a re:connecting EUROPE Space brimming with all of your ideas and suggestions. A network is only as strong as its nodes, so let's get re:connected!