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Following our very first event outside of Germany last year, we won’t be missing a beat and are powering full speed ahead in 2017: the next re:publica Dublin will take place from 7 to 8 September 2017! Our upcoming event in Ireland is also made possible thanks to the support from the Federal Foreign Office: this year, as part of re:connecting EUROPE (read more on that here), we want to promote the European exchange further and tackle topics concerning the digital society from various perspectives. We want to network you, the community, with Ireland and the world, with local and international players and stakeholders, and projects from the cultural, societal and political sectors. Join in and share your visions for a digital society in Europe under the #rpEUROPE hashtag.

And another vital point: synergies within Europe are far from exhausted. Many creatives in Europe are currently not working together, or only to a limited degree. Despite their geographical and technical vicinity, they simply don’t know each other (yet). The re:publica Dublin is here to help with that: Dublin isn’t just the connection to northern Europe, many of the big tech companies are based in Ireland, making it a gateway to the international creative and digital industry. So, here’s to another round! We’re looking forward to the #rpDUB 2017!

#rpDUB 2016

Our first international event went spectacularly. On 20 October 2016, more than 200 participants from Ireland, Germany and other countries converged on re:publica Dublin. There they attended exciting sessions on three stages and discussed some of the most important topics of the digital society with our 33 speakers.

Our first event outside of Germany reminded us of our very first re:publica in Berlin. There was a lot of room for discussion and great exchanges with the Irish digital community. re:publica is more than an annual event – it's a network and an attitude.

We chose to feature re:publica Dublin in three unique locations: the historic Smock Alley Theatre, the lively Generator Hostel, and the cozy Merchant’s Arch Pub. All locations provided numerous talks and discussion rounds on topics such as surveillance, data protection, hate speech, and FinTech.

We'd like to thank all participants and speakers – yesterday was so much fun! We had a great time, and lots of opportunities for lively exchange with the Irish start-up community! 

For all those who missed out, revisit our first event outside of Germany in pictures, word and sound:

The sessions at Smock Alley Theatre have been recorded, listen to the speakers in the re:publica channel at Voice Republic.

Draw some visual inspiration from our one-day conference and browse through our Flickr channel. Photos from our warmup party the evening before are compiled here, images from the event itself over here.

A short facts & figures on re:publica Dublin for all statisticians among you:


The re:publica founders in Dublin

200+ participants
3 stages
20 sessions and workshops
20 journalists from Ireland and Germany

33 (18 men, 15 women)
9 from Germany
17 from Ireland
7 from other countries
23 new speakers
Speakers who already spoke at previous re:publica events: 10

#rpDUB 2016 In The News

And the event in Dublin was well received by the media too. So we're happy to share some impressions here – read more from various press reviews all around our first re:publica outside Germany.

“The first session of my day took place in Smock Alley Theatre where Karlin Lillington hosted a discussion between human right lawyer Daragh Murray and Internet Pioneer Dennis Jennings on the subject of Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Age. This was a fascinating chat that covered technical and legal aspects of the Data Privacy issue – something that we as a culture have ignored for far too long. (...) A fascinating start to the day!”
Successful re:publica event in Dublin – Dan Griffin describes his highlights
Irish Tech News

“The well-known German conference for the Internet scene, re:publica, has dared to go on a trip to Dublin. Where they realized: participants there are far more business-oriented than in Berlin. The whole issue topic of data protection is much less in demand. For the moment, at least.”
German data protection meets Irish start-up scene (German)

“The first re:publica conference took place in Berlin back in 2007, when even companies like Twitter were still relatively unknown. Some of the visitors of the Dublin event were now reminded of the re:publica's earliest days at the Berlin Kalkscheune. I am very curious as to whether Dublin will also be given a second chance.”
Radicalization and Tech Utopias – Notes from the re:publica in Dublin (German)
WDR Blog Digitalistan

Technology has not delivered on human rights, re:publica conference hears – Digital culture event opens in Dublin with talks on benefits and harm caused by tech
Irish Times Online

“ is an exciting experiment: Is it possible to establish the most important European conference about the networked society in Ireland too?”
Class reunion on a class trip – re:publica in Dublin (German)
WDR Blog Digitalistan

Pokémon Go highlights legal challenges ahead for gaming - Amendments to data protection law may be needed, re:publica conference told
The Irish Times

Image credit: re:publica/Justin Farrelly (CC BY 2.0)

re:publica 2017

News #rp17


The re:publica team invites you to join them for the round table in Dublin. Come to the kick-off for the second #rpDUB in Ireland. We want to hear your feedback, your opinions, your ideas!


We hope that you were able to gather all sorts of new insights, meet old friends and left with armfuls of inspiration! Our look back at the #rp17, including all the important facts, and forward to the next re:publicas.


We just closed out the #rp17 and are already getting started on planning the next round. But not without you! Give us your feedback and win tickets.


We’re still in the middle of the #rp17, but that’s not it for this year! Let’s re:connect EUROPE – and join us on our trip to Ireland and Greece.


The other week we were raffling off tickets and travel expenses to those who would write us about thier vision for a digital Europe. Read more on the lucky winners and their propositions.


Dublin – Thessaloniki – Berlin: We’re bringing these cities together in our re:connecting EUROPE Space at the #rp17. Take part and secure yourself tickets to the re:publica in May.

re:publica Dublin 2016

News #rpDUB


We had a great time at re:publica Dublin on 20 October 2016, and lots of opportunities for lively exchange with the Irish start-up community! For all those who missed out, revisit our first event outside of Germany in pictures, word and sound.


Our first international event went spectacularly! On 20 October 2016, over 200 participants converged on re:publica Dublin in order to attend sessions on three stages. There's more! The next re:publica Belrin in May 2017 will take place under the motto “Love out Loud”.


We've only just celebrated our tenth anniversary at re:publica TEN, and now it continues – in Ireland! The very first re:publica outside of Germany is taking place today, October 20th, 2016. It's been a long journey for us, too: We started out out with a cozy gathering of just 700 bloggers in 2007 – back then we still addressed each other by our Twitter handles.


It's time! Tonight we are having our warmup party – and tomorrow it is already re:publica Dublin! To prevent you from getting lost in Dublin, this is what you need to know about the venues and the schedule of the event in one glimpse.


What would it be like if Twitter users owned the social platform themselves, or even managed it? The discussion panel on platform cooperatives on the net at re:publica Dublin this Thursday promises to be exciting.


Another highlight at re:publica Dublin this Thursday, hosted in cooperation with our partner, Goethe-Institut Ireland, and the NGO Digital Rights Ireland: “Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Age” addresses the role of digital technologies in undermining human rights.


Nearly time! Next week, we are organizing re:publica Dublin! Have a look at the venues, and check out our update on the schedule of the event here.


The vision of a decentralized web collides with the legal structures of today. But whose problem is that, and who is in charge of creating an interface between these forces? These questions are a pressing matter for #rpDUB speaker Shermin Voshmgir, and a central aspect of her upcoming talk.


What do we do when platforms for radicalization emerge on the Internet? #rpDUB speaker Peter Neumann is on alert. From terrorist recruitment in Europe to prison-based de-radicalization programs, Peter provides an analysis of these fatal processes and most importantly, shares ideas on how to counteract them.


The discourse on digital surveillance and data collection shows the Internet's impact on our everyday life. #rpDUB speaker Rachel O'Dwyer goes further and calls a person's online consumption the electronic reproduction of one's personality.


In the coming days we will be publishing our full programme for re:publica Dublin. Check it out, be inspired and come visit our very first international event in Ireland! 


Today, we would like to present the following article, written by re:publica CEO and founder Andreas Gebhard and Susanne Eiswirt: "New conference formats in the digital age, by way of the example of re:publica" describes how re:publica has developed into a unique conference format over the years.


For our first re:publica in Dublin, we are looking for on-site volunteers, who will help us turn re:publica into a fantastic event once more. You will receive a free ticket in return.


Since mid July, our Call for Participation for the upcoming re:publica in Dublin on October 20 has been up and running. For those of you who don't know us, we have summarized the range of topics presented at re:publica 2016 in Berlin. See our overview over the variety of topics and ideas that are possible at re:publica here. Get inspired and take part!


Starting today, we would like to invite all those interested to create the program for the very first re:publica with us, taking place in Dublin on October 20, 2016. Our Call for Participation is divided into three deadline phases, the last of which ends on August 31, 2016.

Contributions #rpDUB


In our three-part series, our media partner euro | topics examines some of the issues relevant to Ireland – and to Europe as a whole. The third and last part is about the question whether social media corporations should cooperate with security agencies in the fight against terrorism, and to which extent.


In our three-part series, our media partner euro | topics examines some of the issues relevant to Ireland – and to Europe as a whole. Part two focuses on the implications of Brexit for the digital economy in the UK and Europe.


In a new, three-part series, our partner eurotopics will illuminate some of the topics most relevant to Ireland – and to Europe as a whole. Part one is about the tax issues Apple is currently facing in Ireland.

re:publica 2016

News #rpTEN


We are very thrilled to tell you more about our brandnew partnership with Digital Biscuit. re:publica embarks on a new endeavour and brings two of Europe’s most exciting tech and culture events together for the first time in Dublin, Ireland, on 20 October 2016.


As in every year, we're still looking on how to improve and are keen to hear your feedback. All you have to do is answer a few questions in our survey. Plus we're giving away five tickets to re:publica in Dublin.


TEN is NET. It was a bash. We hope you have learned so much new things, met old friends and were inspired from our flashback as well as our outlook at re:publica TEN. 

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