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French director and designer Nelly Ben Hayoun is the latest addition to our mainstage programme. She’s on a mission to bring chaos and subversion into the worlds of science and design.


There are lots of things to explore at the #rp17: it goes without saying that besides the regular programme of discussions, talks, meetups and workshops, we have a variety of activities in store for you! The re:publica track is home to everything this year’s supporting programme has to offer.


The GIG community will be joining the re:publica 2017 with over 40 participants from 20 countries to ensure a programme that encompasses a diversity of perspectives from all over the world.


Will this be your first re:publica? Join our Newbies Meetup at pre:publica and on Day 1 to find other first-timers and get a feel for what re:publica is all about.


How can technology help us learn more about nature? How can it reduce our ecological footprint and how well connected can you be in the countryside? These are the questions we’ll be asking at #rp17, but also at the IGA! Have a read for yourselves.


Silvia Lindtner, assistant professor at the University of Michigan in the School of Information, will be holding a talk on how the Chinese industrial city of Shenzhen became the “Silicon Valley of Hardware”. Her research and teaching focuses on the interaction between humans and computers, technological innovation, maker and DIY culture, as well as China.


Dublin – Thessaloniki – Berlin: We’re bringing these cities together in our re:connecting EUROPE Space at the #rp17. Take part and secure yourself tickets to the re:publica in May.


In just a few weeks the eleventh re:publica will be opening its doors. We’re betting on great weather and have put together quite the fantastic programme package for you, if we don’t say so ourselves. Why not take a look, because: the schedule for the #rp17 is here!


This year, the labore:tory will be re:publica’s playground where attendees interact, play, and get inspired by creative innovators. 


Get your hands on some #rp17 goodies before the merch stand has even been set up: the new #rp17 shirts are here in three colourful designs. And you can even win some!


In the scope of his research as a Professor of Law, Frank Pasquale focuses on the power of algorithms and the ways in which to rein them in. His keynote at the #MCB17 will address the changes in the public sphere as affected by automated algorithmic decisions.


What do you do when you aren’t able to fully distinguish satire from political reality anymore? The Austrian cabaret group maschek looks for answers at the #rp17. Cabaret artists Peter Hörmanseder and Robert Stachel have been commenting on current events for almost 20 years now. 


14 tracks, 500 hours, 700 speakers – keeping an overview with this much on offer isn’t easy, but we’ll be taking you through it, bit by bit. In this second edition, the programme team presents you more from the #rp17.



We present you Julian Oliver as the next #rp17 speaker: artist, critical engineer, archer and Berlin resident. You, the audience, will be in demand during his talk at the re:publica, which will incorporate radio components and infrastructure – this won’t be a straightforward lecture by any means!


We welcome Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Andrea Nahles to this year’s re:publica. In her session she will be focusing on the digitalisation of the workplace. 


Put your signs up: Love Out Loud! The new trailer is here. Take a look. 


14 tracks, 500 hours, 700 speakers – keeping an overview with this much on offer isn’t easy, but we’ll be taking you through it, bit by bit. The programme team presents the #rp17.


We would like to present you Orit Halpern as our next #rp17 speaker: her work combines the history of science, computer science, design and cybernetics to engage global challenges with creative ideas. In the process, she critically evaluates the current fixation on ‘big data’.


Join us as a volunteer. You can register now as a helper online. The necessary registration forms is already available. The actual application for working shifts starts at 15th March 2017 on 3 pm. 


We welcome the London-based artist and architect Usman Haque as our newest speaker! At #rp17, he will be discussing the evolution of smart cities and the influence of the Internet of Things.


Did you know that you can attend the re:publica as part of your official educational leave for further education? Then why not come to #rp17 as part of your training!


Spring is just around the corner and there’s a whole slew of exciting events from Berlin’s digital creative industry and cultural sector awaiting you. Our collective platform, spring berlin, gathers and presents them all.


We are looking to fill an internship position in the Volunteer Management team for the eleventh re:publica, beginning in March. Candidates should be enthusiastic and interested in topics focused on the internet and digital society. 


Astrophysicist Christine Corbett Moran will by flying in from California. The co-lead developer of Signal recently spent a winter at a research station in the Antarctic to prepare herself for outer space. She’ll be telling us all about it at the #rp17!


We welcome Carolin Emcke, recipient of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2016, as speaker at the #rp17. The journalist and author has dedicated herself to the challenges of our time: to make art the antidote to hate.


Felix Stalder, the Swiss professor and researcher for digital culture and network theories, has dedicated himself to the interrelationship between society, culture and technologies. At #rp17, he will be speaking about algorithms.


The Call for Participation for the eleventh edition of the re:publica came to a successful close on Tuesday. We had a total of 1050 submissions reach us from all around the world. We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time. 


We are currently looking to fill a 5-month internship position in the press team, to begin immediately. You should be enthusiastic and interested in topics focused on the internet, digital society and be prepared to support the editorial desk for re:publica. 

Contributions #rp17


The digital charter initiative will be bringing its #DigitalCharta Con to re:publica 2017.


Gaining experience from a stay abroad is digitally possible, thanks to digitalization that offers broad opportunities for exchange.


Through the interaction with the Internet of Things, intelligent devices and digital assistants like Siri, Alexa or Cortana, we now have more or less intelligent personal assistants knocking at the front doors of private households and companies alike.


“MY GOD; WHAT IF'…!” these words start off the Frankfurter Buchmesse’s talk title at re:publica 2017 in Berlin and it’s about sci-fi! Those who want more should visit Frankfurter Buchmesse from 11th to 15th of October 2017. BookTubers, cosplayers, bloggers – the weekend during the Frankfurter Buchmesse promises to be colourful.

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