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Heads up! The final deadline for submissions for the #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN at the #rp17 is coming up on January 31st. We look forward to all of your ideas surrounding the topic of fashion, textiles and technology.


A new year, a new round! The re:health conference track is back again and ’re looking for your ideas and projects regarding the digitalization of health.


How are people radicalized online and what can be done to counter the process? These are the questions that Peter Neumann grapples with: as a sought-after terrorism expert and political advisor he looks back on an intense and arduous 2016.


We hope you all had a great start into 2017! And we are already at it again: Our second deadline for the Call for Participation passed yesterday. More than 300 submissions have reached us! WOW!


We are issuing the Call for Participation: Digitizing the Greenery as part of our renewed cooperation with the International Garden Exhibition (IGA), and are already looking forward to your entries concerning the topic of urban life.


Clemantine Wamariya, speaker at re:publica 2017, has a very touching biography. Having fled civil war in Rwanda, she eventually arrived in the US after six years, where she won a high school essay competition that kick-started her career as a storyteller and journalist.


We wish you a peaceful end to the year, stress-free holidays and a fresh start into 2017!


Cognitive scientist Elisabeth Wehling dissects our online and offline discourses. We are very happy to be able to announce her as a speaker at the re:publica 2017!


Last year, we successfully worked together with a programme committee for the first time. We’d like to repeat that for #rp17 and expand it further. We’re thrilled about the commitment of these experts, who will be offering up their time to support the program team in an advisory capacity!


The second stage of the Call for Participation is up and running and our deadline ends January 8th, 2017! These entries will make up the largest portion of the program for the re:publica 2017.


re:publica 2017 speaker Caroline Sinders doesn’t limit herself to digital ethnography. She has, among other things, spent time interacting with IBM´s Watson. Her focus is on communication and how we can curb online harassment through the use of machine learning systems.


The United States in crisis? At the re:publica 2017, programmer and essayist Maciej Ceglowski will analyze the first six months of the president’s term of office to help explain how things can be expected to proceed in the USA after Donald Trump’s election victory.


The first stage of our Call for Participation ended on December 4th with soon 200 submissions. Now on to the next, ending January 8th, 2017!


Since #rp16 we've been dividing and arranging many of our core themes and topics into manageable tracks. Today, we want to introduce two new ones and help to inspire the Call for Participation: re:blog and science:fiction.


Together with our partner Science Year 2016*17, re:publica 2017 will host the new “sub:marine” track. The intersection of digital culture, technology and oceanic habitats is surprisingly large, so join our Call for Participation for “sub:marine”! 


We are looking for a programme assistant to join our team, starting 1 December 2016 until 31 May 2017. In addition we are looking to fill internship positions starting from December 2016 and from January/February 2017. We'd love to hear from you soon!


Here we go, again! Our Call for Participation for re:publica 2017 kicks off on 1 November 2016. We look forward to your ideas and active participation because that is what makes re:publica such a unique festival.


#rpDUB is up and we're moving straight along. Today, at 13:00, we're kicking off the ticket sale for re:publica 2017 and #MCB17. If you're quick about it, you can secure one of the sought-after Early Bird-Tickets!

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We are looking to fill internship positions starting in December 2016 and in January/February 2017. As a member of a dedicated team you will gain plenty of insights and experience in organising large-scale projects.

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