Following our very first event outside of Germany last year, we won’t be missing a beat and are powering full speed ahead in 2017: the next re:publica Dublin will take place from 7 to 8 September 2017 at the Light House Cinema! Our upcoming event in Ireland is also made possible thanks to the support from the German Federal Foreign Office: this year, as part of re:connecting EUROPE, we want to promote the European exchange further and tackle topics concerning the digital society from various perspectives. We want to network you, the community, with Ireland and the world, with local and international players and stakeholders, and projects from the cultural, societal and political sectors. 

And another vital point: synergies within Europe are far from exhausted. Many creatives in Europe are currently not working together, or only to a limited degree. Despite their geographical and technical vicinity, they simply don’t know each other (yet). The re:publica Dublin is here to help with that: Dublin isn’t just the connection to northern Europe. Many of the big tech companies are based in Ireland, making it a gateway to the international creative and digital industry. So, here’s to another round! Let's re:connect EUROPE! 

#rpDUB 2016

Our first international event went spectacularly. On 20 October 2016, more than 200 participants from Ireland, Germany and other countries converged on re:publica Dublin. There they attended exciting sessions on three stages and discussed some of the most important topics concerning the digital society with our 33 speakers. It was very reminiscent of our first re:publica in Berlin. There was lots of room for discussion and a great exchange with the Irish digital community. We chose to host re:publica Dublin in three unique locations: the historic Smock Alley Theatre, the lively Generator Hostel, and the cozy Merchant’s Arch Pub. All locations provided numerous talks and discussion rounds on topics such as data protection, surveillance, hate speech, and FinTech. For anyone who missed out, revisit our first event outside of Germany in pictures, word and sound: The sessions at Smock Alley Theatre were recorded, listen to the speakers on the re:publica channel at Voice Republic. Draw some visual inspiration from our one-day conference and browse through our Flickr channel. Photos from our warmup party the evening before are compiled there, as well as images from the event itself. More on re:publica Dublin you can find here

  • The Head of Video at work at re:publica 2017

    And there she goes! The re:publica events we held in Berlin and #rpEUROPE in Dublin and Thessaloniki offered you an exciting programme. In the coming weeks and months leading to the next re:publica 2018 you have all the time in the world to revisit our conferences through videos, pictures and written articles.

  • Our first international event went spectacularly in Ireland. On 20 October 2016, more than 200 participants from Ireland, Germany and other countries converged on re:publica Dublin. There they attended exciting sessions on three stages and discussed some of the most important topics concerning the digital society with our more than 30 speakers. It was very reminiscent of our first re:publica in Berlin in 2007.

  • Our funky #rpEUROPE logo and visual

    Networking the digital society and creating spaces for the exchange of ideas has always been the aim of the re:publica. It has remained an international endeavour throughout the past eleven years. Once again this is exactly what we did in 2017 and we invited you to join us.The re:publica wouldn’t be the unique event that it is if it weren’t for your active participation, and we prepared quite an exciting package for you: our continued field trip!

  • Visitors at #rpDUB 2017
    Certainly, the Internet of Things (Iot) was a hot topic at re:publica Dublin. Read more about the "Trust me! The need for security and transparency in innovation age".
  • e:publica Dublin was recorded for you, of course!
    It’s only been a month since re:publica headed out on its digital field trip across Europe. We touched down in Dublin for the #rpDUB from 7 - 8 September and then headed straight on to Thessaloniki for #rpTHE from 11 - 13 September. Watch our re:cap Videos here.
  • One of many sessions at the Light House Cinema during #rpDUB
    We’d like to take the opportunity to present six of our speakers and our partners at WOMEX, who accompanied us to both conferences and helped carry the idea of a networked Europe to Dublin and Thessaloniki.
  • Impressions from Day 1 at #rpTHE
    re:publica touched down in Dublin from 8-9 September and then journeyed across the continent to dock in Thessaloniki from 11-13 September. For a total of 5 amazing days, we got together with decision-makers, activists, organisations and the local communities to debate, discuss solutions and connect Europe.
  • Thank you so much for being a part of re:connecting EUROPE. We’ve prepared a little survey for you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

  • We prepared a special treat for re:publica Thessaloniki: A panel was co-curated together with this year’s rpTHE partner, Reworks Agora and their Reworks Festival. The Reworks Festival in Thessaloniki takes place directly after the re:publica, from September 13 to 17 2017.

  • Missed re:publica Dublin? Check out videos from #rpDUB on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

  • Did you already wonder why lettering for re:connecting EUROPE is so colourful? Here we explain why.

  • Andreas Gebhard has a message for you about re:publica Thessaloniki 2017.