We are living in the middle of the post-digital age. The Internet is omnipresent – particularly in the arts and in culture. Digital art – from remixes and GIFs, to net-art to virtual reality and interactive text-based adventures –, creative activism and politico-cultural questions on decision-making are all things we want to discuss with you at re:publica 2018. What roles do museums and exhibition spaces play in today's world? What can libraries do to close the digital gap?

This thematic cross-road of a track welcomes your literary bot projects as much as cultural studies of the Twitter-sphere. What about a full theatre piece? Open Culture approaches in cultural institutions, utilisations of archives and the collaboration between FabLabs and high art are on the agenda.

During the re:publica TEN anniversary and re:publica 2017 editions, the developments of Immersive Arts and augmented/virtual reality were explored and made engaging through numerous session formats. This showed us that the urge for participation and immersion socially relevant topics has never been so important. What are the latest developments in VR and what impacts will they have on us as a society? 

We look forward to your projects, ideas and topic on arts & culture and are eager to see what kinds of experiences new technologies will offer us in the future.