Nour Khairi

Investigative Journalist & Ethical Consultant
Non-binary person in white shirt and zebra print skirt sitting against a sheer white backdrop
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Photographer: Nour Khairi

Nour Khairi (they/them) is an international freelance journalist, creative producer and aspiring academic studying at the Philosophy department at Bristol University. Founder of Kweers of the Nile (KOTN) –  a journalistic initiative for LBGTQ+ and  gender fluid people from the Horn of Africa. They have worked with countless London-based publications on underreported arts, and culture and community-based stories.


How a technical lens on representative journalism empowers everyone - from the underestimated to the unvaccinated

Hadjar Benmiloud, Nour Khairi, Linda A. Thompson

Everyone is aware that the old media model is broken, but what’s representation got to do with it? In this panel, Hadjar Benmiloud (founder, Vileine Academy), Linda A. Thompson (co-founder, The Friendly Freelancer) and Nour Khairi (founder, Kweers of the Nile) introduce a new way to level up media that can respond to complex crises.
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Panel discussion