Kay Schröder

Professor, Speaker, Data Artist (not necessarily in this order)
Kay Schröder mit einem Microfon in der hand und Luftballons im Hintergrund
Photo credit / Image credit
Jonathan Vos

Professor Kay Schröder is currently with Hochschule Düsseldorf, researching the intersection of storytelling and datavisualization. Before he was professor of datavisualization in the netherlands as well as visiting professor for UX/UI design of data-driven services at the Polytechnical University in St. Petersburg. He was founder and scientific lead of the Human Data Interaction group.

Kay Schröder has been working in the field of visualization and storytelling for more than a decade now. He worked several years for the Climate Program of the United Nations (IPCC) and developed the fundamental visualization concepts for the world climate reports. Furthermore, he developed numerous national and international projects on the intersection Sustainability, Storytelling and Data for the Belgian Pavilion on the Expo Shanghai, Wolters Kluwer, European Climate Foundation, and others.

His numerous visualizations were published in prestigious journals (i.a. Nature Climate Change) and publications, e.g. the IPCC Assessment reports (Weltklimaberichte). The focus of his work is on effective Storytelling and Data visualization.