Daniel Mittler

Managing Director
Foto von Daniel Mittler, Finanzwende
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Fotografin: Laurence Chaperon Rechte bei Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende e.V.

Daniel is Managing Director at Finanzwende (e.V. and Recherche) working for a financial system that serves economic stability, justice and ecology. He joined Finanzwende in 2021 to build an effective counter weight to the financial lobby in Germany and to stop the financial system continously and structurally undermining  efforts to fight the climate crisis.

He was Political Director of Greenpeace International for 11 years, positioning Greenpeace in global politics and co-leading the global programme of Greenpeace.  He was responsible for the global trade, peace, corporate accountability campaign work and involved in launching #TTIPleaks at re:publica in 2016. He has always been fascinated by leaks and whistleblowing and is in awe of the courage of whistleblowers like Desiree Fixler.

Daniel has been an activist since his youth, with Chernobyl being a call to action for him. From 2008 to 2010 he was Head of the Germany Program at the European Climate Foundation working to prevent new coal fired power stations in Germany. From 2004-2008 he was Political Advisor to Greenpeace International leading work on trade and international financial institutions among others. From 2000-2004, Daniel was Head of International Campaigns at BUND – Friends of the Earth Germany and organized one of the first mass demonstrations in Germany on climate change.

Daniel believes political change requires building power and alliances and he has initiated many collective efforts. For example, he is one of the founders of the McPlanet.com conferences, which brought together globalization and environmental activists, and was an initiator of CorA, Germany’s corporate accountability network, and a member of the steering group of the global Fight Inequality Alliance for over 5 years. Daniel is fascinated with organizational development, having worked both in start up mode and inside big organizations. He was on the Board of the Movement Foundation (Bewegungsstiftung) and in the membership council of Campact helping to manage growth processes in both.

He studied Politics, African studies and urban planning in Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario and London. He selects students for the United World Colleges and is in the Global Cooperation advisory council of the Böll Foundation. When he finds time Daniel writes, kayaks or drinks organic beer.