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ArtUp Nation

Formed in 2019 as a response to the ongoing economic crisis in the art world, ArtUp Nation made its official debut on “CADAF online” in June 2020. With a mission to create a communal global market for ArtUps, ArtUp Nation launched its flagship program “ArtUp Escalator” later that year.

Among other alliances, our network consists of collaborations with universities and museums to stimulate discussion and become active agents in the global tech culture.

In 2020, we ran a pop-up ArtUp campus as part of Transmediale Festival in Berlin. In 2021, ArtUp Nation was shortlisted for the “Digital Innovation in Art Award” presented by DotArt domains and GP Bullhound investment firm as part of the 19th Investor Allstars Awards. At the beginning of 2022, we collaborated with NTNU’s EiT (Experts in Teamwork) virtual villages program, mentoring “North by North East: A free Passage from Norway to China” village, and conceptualising it around art-repreneurship.

Current members: Yoav Lifshitz, Gabriel S Moses, Tsila Hassine