Adriana Trutzenberg

Photo credit / Image credit
Stefan Brencher

Enthusiastic plant scientist with a drive to understand every-day-technology. 

I fell in love with the beauty and diversity of plants when I was fortunate to conduct an internship in the amazonian rain forest in 2012.  Ever since, my professional path has been guided by the principle to learn more about these silent but greatly important organisms. During my Masters, I dove deeper into the field of green biology and got excited by the interplay between plants and microorganisms. From my new home in Berlin I am currently finishing my PhD, in which I study barley's susceptibility to a fungal pathogen.

One of my other passions is tinkering with digital tools and teaching. I believe that digital literacy is a key skill to drive sustainable solutions in a complex world. That's why I am happy to support the team of the mobile Fablab Oberlab based in Gmund. Together we are bringing exciting tinkering workshops to schools in Bavaria.