The United States in crisis? At the re:publica 2017, programmer and essayist Maciej Ceglowski will analyze the first six months of the president’s term of office to help explain how things can be expected to proceed in the USA after Donald Trump’s election victory.


The first stage of our Call for Participation ended on December 4th with soon 200 submissions. Now on to the next, ending January 8th, 2017!


Since #rp16 we've been dividing and arranging many of our core themes and topics into manageable tracks. Today, we want to introduce two new ones and help to inspire the Call for Participation: re:blog and science:fiction.


Together with our partner Science Year 2016*17, re:publica 2017 will host the new “sub:marine” track. The intersection of digital culture, technology and oceanic habitats is surprisingly large, so join our Call for Participation for “sub:marine”! 


We are looking for a programme assistant to join our team, starting 1 December 2016 until 31 May 2017. In addition we are looking to fill internship positions starting from December 2016 and from January/February 2017. We'd love to hear from you soon!


re:publica TEN's mirror themed design was communicated in print, advertising, and trailers and permeated the event space with some imposing installations at STATION Berlin. #rpTEN's visual appearance has now gone on to win a German Design Award by the German Design Council. We are so very happy for our design team!


Here we go, again! Our Call for Participation for re:publica 2017 kicks off on 1 November 2016. We look forward to your ideas and active participation because that is what makes re:publica such a unique festival.


#rpDUB is up and we're moving straight along. Today, at 13:00, we're kicking off the ticket sale for re:publica 2017 and #MCB17. If you're quick about it, you can secure one of the sought-after Early Bird-Tickets!


We had a great time at re:publica Dublin on 20 October 2016, and lots of opportunities for lively exchange with the Irish start-up community! For all those who missed out, revisit our first event outside of Germany in pictures, word and sound.


Our first international event went spectacularly! On 20 October 2016, over 200 participants converged on re:publica Dublin in order to attend sessions on three stages. There's more! The next re:publica Belrin in May 2017 will take place under the motto “Love out Loud”.


We've only just celebrated our tenth anniversary at re:publica TEN, and now it continues – in Ireland! The very first re:publica outside of Germany is taking place today, October 20th, 2016. It's been a long journey for us, too: We started out out with a cozy gathering of just 700 bloggers in 2007 – back then we still addressed each other by our Twitter handles.


It's time! Tonight we are having our warmup party – and tomorrow it is already re:publica Dublin! To prevent you from getting lost in Dublin, this is what you need to know about the venues and the schedule of the event in one glimpse.