Adapting literature into VR and multimedia art

Mika Johnson

Mika Johnson will speak about three projects he directed, VRwandlung, The Republic of Dreams, and The Infinite Library, all three of which adapt literature into digital forms, including VR and traveling immersive multimedia installations. The Republic of Dreams is also presented in the foyer of the Glashaus throughout the day.

VRwandlung is a VR adaptation of Franz Kafka's famous novella, The Metamorphosis, which allows visitors to become Gregor Samsa. In 2018 and 2019, the project travelled to over 50 cities and was featured in The Economist and Stern Magazine. In 2021 Johnson launched The Republic of Dreams: a traveling installation that adapts the literary work of Bruno Schulz, through different mediums, all inspired by dreams and dreaming. The project, which includes two versions -  exclusive immersive installation works and an online, interactive website - uses sleep-inducing music and sound works, including ASMR, binaural beats and chimes, and meditative videos to induce sleep and dreams. In March of 2022, Johnson premiered The Infinite Library, a project which reimagines the future of libraries through VR, AR, 3D prints, sonic works, holograms, and a sound and video installation.