Data Power! Citizen-generated data to reduce inequalities

Gilberto Vieira

We are held hostage by large corporations, without sovereignty or autonomy in the face of the vast amount of data we produce on a daily basis. It is urgent to map insurgencies and potentiate them as they propose new ways of living and resisting in the era of data coloniality. Let´s discuss how to generate data in a citizen way and reclaim power!

This meetup invites you to discuss the concept of “citizen-generated data” which conceives of the independent production of structured information bases as representative of an active front of access to public debate and policy formulation. It implies direct citizen action in a field all too often negligent, racist, elitist, and sexist. It has been observed that the cross checking of data in official research reports does not take into consideration the increasingly important nuances of our daily struggles for representation and, consequently, for assuring our rights. We analyze a broad picture and consider how this dataficated model of knowledge production promotes concentration of capital, surveillance, and a new form of colonization. Will we think of new problems and collective solutions for the lack of sovereignty of the most vulnerable populations?

re:publica would like to thank its cooperation partner Robert Bosch Stiftung for making this session possible.