The Digital Arts Business Lab

AC Coppens, Alain Mongeau

What better place than re:publica to gather interdisciplinary, bright minds in order to innovate the business of digital arts! This guided think tank aims to enable new connections between existing and new players in the field. Join us in the ideation of new business models and revenue streams to push digital arts into a new, more profitable era.
Hands On

Are you ready to share your take on "making it" in digital arts? No, we won't talk about fame, we will talk about CASH - that’s what it’s all about this year at re:publica.

Although digital arts are using all the tools that make digital transformation a success, they don’t necessarily bring material profits. On the contrary, the sector is prone to precarity, as digital artworks are often more difficult to display, sell and preserve than traditional ones. What would be a business model that could help overcome the current status quo?

This session is aimed for anyone interested in the digital arts sphere - from arts aficionados to professionals and from public stakeholders to digital agencies.

In small, interdisciplinary groups, we will ideate on potentially new activities, new target groups, new alliances between different actors of the digital arts ecosystem. The workshop will explore potential solutions on how to create an environment that will not only be economically sustainable, but also ecologically and socially. 

The session is brought to you by THE CATALYSTS, a consortium partner of Digital Inter/Section, alongside Kikk (Namur), Signal (Prague), Kontejner (Zagreb), Zinc (Marseille), and Massiv’Art (Montreal). Digital Inter/Section (DI/S) is financed by the European Commission.

Pic of AMongeau
General & Artistic Director