Ludus Ex Machina: Eye of the Machine God

Maxim Shchapov

Ludus Ex Machina is an art game prototype and installation, created to test the capabilities of AI in game-making, as well as to explore new ways of playing with the machine through unusual interfaces.
Off Stage

What if we would treat the AI as a co-author? A collaborator? A play-partner? These questions inspired the creation of Ludus Ex Machina. This game is made using only ChatGBT-generated code and assets produced with various AI tools. 

It invites us to imagine, what the inside of the omnipotent AI mind would look like, and to witness the machine-generated dream. A unique motion tracking interface is used to explore the world and play with the machine. Motion data also affects sound and visual outputs to give the human player direct feedback from their computer counterpart.

Ludus Ex Machina is created by Stefan Maier and Maxim Shchapov.