MateVerse: re:newable MetaEnergy Exilir

Meta Mate, Christina Dinar

Ready to infuse yourself into a new dimension? We invite you to step into the MateVerse and escape digital life to re:connect real time with a mate. The MateVerse is a place where time is infinite and expandable and it offers a meta-moment amidst the buzz to re:charge.

Traditional Tea Room Culture : Berlin-Style: HackerBrauses & Mate!

Off Stage

We would like to offer an open offline space during the entire conference for participants to retreat to have a chance to encounter rituals to reconnect with themselves and others over a mate.  

Mate partially fuels the re:publica and in the MateVerse we take it out of the bottle and offer everyone the chance to try a real mate in traditional style.  Facilitating communication and sharing time offline, we recommend at least half an hour (either alone or with a friend) to really experience the Mate. The basic preparation techniques and rules will be explained and participants are welcome to drink and get their daily dose of healthy herbal infusions.

Our sincere wish is to just offer an open space where participants have a chance to stop and savour the moment in the here and now and infuse themselves with some fresh forest energy.  Mate is more than just a natural energiser .  The theobromine and vitamins lead boost the immune system and lift the spirits, so the MateVerse becomes a great open space for participants to discuss a subject in depth.  Daily discussion rounds will be organised as well as meditation mate moments . 

As the interactive space will be non-commercial just a donation box will be set up for those wishing to contribute for their drinks.  And in order to not compete with contracted vendors we will only offer fresh mate.  Depending the infrastructure available, the coziness and size of the space can be defined.   

installations based on mate would be integrated into the space