Mind the Brain! - CA$H DELIMITATION

Kathrin Brunner, Oliver Czeslik

Location: Arena Club – Media Parcours

So what's the thing with CA$H - Deconditioning!
Mind the Brain! is the first part of mYndstorm production's Delimitation Trilogy. A live journey through the brain towards deconditioning, via BCI. Starring movers and shakers from re:publica!
Off Stage

Let your mind go live!

Mind the Brain! CA$H DELIMITATION is a video installation based on the neuroreactive VR Installation. 

CA$H - a source of constant conditioning; driver of structures and foundation of narratives in a neoliberal world. How do we liberate us from these structures? How do we achieve DELIMITATION?

Selected movers and shakers from re:publica will try in real time, and will become part of Mind the Brain! CA$H DELIMITATION Video Installation at re:publica. 

About Mind the Brain!

Our brain. A miracle of precision, networks, control centers, chaos, poetry, structure, sounds and colors. Our brain is the almighty tool of individual and collective narration. Mind the Brain! is a neuroreactive journey,  a new perspective and access to our brain. 

We are in the universe of the beginning and the end. We interact with our brain. Or it interacts with us. Where does free will come from? Is the fictitious only fictional? Or is there no separation between reality and fiction in the brain?

After the personal experience of a stroke, we went on a path to discover the secrets of the brain and its incredible powers together with neurologists and artists. While art can draw insight from science; the poetic side of the brain also offers amazing insights to modern neuroscience. Together, we want to make it possible for everyone to leave the normal structures of narration, decondition ourselves, in order to make the richness inherent in all of us stand out.

Mind the Brain! is a neuroreactive VR Installation that can be shown as live VR Installation and projection; or as Video Installation. The VR Installation has been shown at Blitz Club, Deutsches Museum, Munich and donumenta Art Lab, Regensburg. Mind the Brain! won Stereopsia Lumiére Award for Best VR Technology 2020 and 1E9 New Realities Award 2021 and is always evolving!

Mind the Brain! has been developed by: 

Oliver Czeslik, Kathrin Brunner, Fred Kelemen, Sebastian Esposito, Daniel Lichtenstern, Nirto Karsten Fischer, Marc Hermann, Tobias Heiler, Juliane Fuchs, and many more

in partnership with brainboost, Fz Jülich/ The Human Brain Project, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, and many more!

funded by FFF Bayern


Marlene Bart, Visual Artist und Managing Director VRBB (soon XRBB)

Miho Soon, Independent Researcher: Moneytrauma

Andreas Gebhard, Gründer und Geschäftsführung re:publica GmbH


Kathrin Brunner
Founder and Creative Producer
Oliver Czeslik
Founder and Creative Producer