Theatrum Radix - A virtual journey through art, science and nature

Marlene Bart, Joris Demnard, Sara Cerreto, manuel farre

"Theatrum Radix" is a transdisciplinary VR project by artist Marlene Bart, working with Ikonospace founder Joris Demnard and 3D artist Manuel Farre. It combines surreal nature tales with CT scans from Berlin's Museum für Naturkunde to create a contemporary knowledge architecture.
Mixed Reality
Off Stage
Theatrum Radix, VR Animation by Marlene Bart & Ikonospace

"Theatrum Radix" ties in with a theme that has fascinated people since antiquity. The order of things and beings. The experience is based on the artistic research of Marlene Bart, on encyclopaedic metaphors of the world. Bart aims to question anthropocentric ways of thinking in order to generate new models of knowledge. This means systems that can enable us to address challenges such as the decline of biodiversity in society as a whole. Furthermore, Bart‘s alternative approach to the objects themselves creates the incentive to formulate critical questions regarding, variously, their provenance, potential colonial origins, preservation and presentation.

​"Theatrum Radix" stimulates a surreal dialogue on the role of objects in scientific and artistic discourse by considering both their historical connection and contemporary perspectives on encyclopaedic knowledge architectures and the presentation of natural and artistic artefacts. 

  • Directed by | screenplay by Marlene Bart
  • Produced as a cooperation of Marlene Bart, Ikonospace founder Joris Demanrd and 3D Artist Manuel Farre
  • Music by Daniel Benyamin
  • Partners: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin