re:publica visits Friends: A Community Evening @SUPERRR Lab Berlin

01.03.2023 - Are you curious about what #CASH means for our community? Then mark your calendars for March 15, 2023 and come by the SUPERRR Lab to find out.
Superrr Lab & Cash

Since the founding of the SUPERRR Lab in 2019, we at re:publica have been big fans of this organization's work. We have known its founders, Julia Kloiber and Elisa Lindinger, for a long time from the re:publica community and are now thrilled to announce a programme collaboration for #rp23. To kick this off, we are hosting a joint community event at the SUPERRR Lab on March 15th, at 7.00 pm

For those who are not familiar with SUPERRR, they are a community and lab dedicated to creating more equitable futures. Their work involves exploring digital technologies, building networks, and shaping new narratives, all while being playful, visionary, and feminist.

We invite you to our joint community evening and take the event as an opportunity to discuss - in line with our motto #CASH - what role money plays in the work of SUPERRR as a feminist organization. What influence does money have on the founding of a new organization and on foundings in general? Who can afford to launch a startup, and how does fundraising work? Can feminist approaches offer new perspectives on the issue? In short: During the evening we want to get into a conversation with you about #CASH and feminism. 

The evening will be kicking off with a short, joint contribution by Julia Kloiber and Alexandra Wolf (festival/program director re:publica). Afterwards we will open the discussion for Q&A. This will be followed by a small get-together with drinks and snacks. 

Come by and join us for a night of lively discussion and an opportunity to connect with our community.  We look forward to seeing you there!

The location can provide space for around 50 people. Please register here to join. 

Adress: SUPERRR Lab, Oranienstraße 58a, 10969 Berlin | Date and Time: 15.03.2023, 7.00 pm | Accessibility Information: Access to the venue is restricted by a three-step staircase. The next accessible toilet is 100 m away from the venue.