#rp23 keynote speaker El Hotzo is returning to re:publica!

06.03.2023 - At #rp22, Sebastian Hotz, was on our main stage not just once, but three times, and surprised us with his highly entertaining and engaging satirical short talks. In June, he will be joining us again for our next edition.
rp23 Keynote Sprecher Sebastian "El Hotzo" Hotz
Photo Credit
Max Sand

Sebastian Hotz, also known as "El Hotzo," is a rising star in German social media. With his sharp and witty posts he reaches more than 1.5 million people every day. Thanks to his clever, satirical, and socially critical tweets, he is considered one of the main voices representing the younger generation. He writes as an author for ZDF Magazin Royale, among others, and is a podcaster and popular guest in a wide range of entertainment media.

His debut novel, "Mindset", will be published by Kiwi-Verlag in April 2023.

At re:publica 22, El Hotzo did not only captivate our audience, but also us. That's why we are thrilled to announce Sebastian Hotzo's return to #rp23! 

You can watch El Hotzo's talks at re:publica 22 here: