#SustainableFriday: Interview with Judyta from SOZIALHELD*INNEN

20.05.2022 - Francis met Judyta Smykowski for #SustainableFriday to talk about accessibility and inclusion at events.
Judyta Smykowski (Sozialheld*innen) und Francis aus dem #rp22-Team sitzen nebeneinander und schauen in die Kamera für ein Interview.

SOZIALHELD*INNEN is an association that has existed in Berlin for 15 years. Founded by Raúl Krauthausen, the SOZIALHELD*INNEN ("Social Heroes") want to offer solutions to social challenges in the form of projects and, in the best case, eliminate these social problems. Projects that are intended to make life freer and more inclusive for disabled people in society and on the internet.

As part of our #SustainableFriday, we talked to Judyta Smykowski from SOZIALHELD*INNEN about #rp22 and beyond.

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