The Critical Futures and Foresight Mingle

Quincey Stumptner

Horizon scanning, visioning, backcasting or wild cards – in our times of crises futuring practices seem to be at an all-time high. Suddenly, everyone wants to decipher what “the future” holds. We are trying to build a community of like-minded people beyond the hype, who uses futuring practices while questioning, refining or reinventing them.

After the panels and workshop of the track “Actionable utopias. Futuring from the margins to the center.“ we want to create a relaxed and informal space to bring together everyone at this year’s re:publica who is interested in taking different approaches to futures or just wants to enter the field. We want to mingle and network to get an idea about who is out there and what futures might exist for such a community. Come and join us!

**** German, English and all other speakers welcome****

This photo shows Quincey Stumptner in a portrait, a young man with black rimmed glasses and dark hair.
Foresight Policy Lead