Dr. Vera Klocke

Researcher/ Podcaster
Vera Klocke
Photo credit / Image credit
Vera Landmann

Vera Klocke is a researcher and lecturer in the field of media and popular culture as well as a cultural critic and cultural producer who combines ethnographic methods and artistic approaches. In her dissertation she investigated processes of television appropriation in the domestic sphere and most recently expanded this perspective on media use in the research project "Moving Publics and Private Spheres at the Margins: Homelessness in Times of Mobile Media" at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She produces (together with Freya Herrmann and Jasper Landmann) the podcast "Fashion The Gaze" which explores the political potential of contemporary phenomena and analyzes (pop) cultural events as a cultural critic for Deutschlandfunk Kultur. As an author, she has translated her academic research processes and results into full-length radio pieces (also for Deutschlandfunk Kultur), video installations, and theater performances.