Frank Landon Bentum

Executive Manager
A picture of Frank L. Bentum in Kumasi, Ghana.
Photo credit / Image credit
David Ampofo Kwakye

Frank is an open science enthusiast and currently the Executive Manager for Africa Open Science Hardware (AfricaOSH), a community of makers, hackers, practitioners and researchers in science and technology, dedicated to promoting open science in Africa. He is also bilingual (French & English). He is passionate about using locally adaptable technologies to foster economic growth in Africa.  Together with the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH), Frank aims to ensure the free availability and accessibility of knowledge, technology and hardware in Africa and the world at large


Open Citizen Social Science Meetup: How to shape an inclusive open citizen social science landscape

Kersti Ruth Wissenbach, Ricardo Ruiz Freire, Barbara Kieslinger, Ngum Vanisa Tumabang Vanisa, Frank Landon Bentum

We invite all people involved in Citizen Social Science, but also Open Science and Citizen Science for a meetup to exchange perspectives and ideas during re:publica.
The intention of this meetup is to share our different entry points into the field and to share experiences in regards to preventing eurcentric and post-colonial nuances in our work.
Meet Up